Quality and Environment Policy

Quality Policy

 “Achieve the requirement and fulfilled at a time” Is our core value for the product quality. Argosy maintains low RMA Rate by implementing strict quality management to ensure the product development and production process, which including the results of the information, communication, production.

In addition, our products have repeatedly tested to ensure durability and reliability. Moreover, in order to achieve better product quality and yield rates, we will constantly make progress in the future.


Quality is one of Argosy’s most important projects, and constantly improving quality is our goal. Over the years, our product quality has been recognized by major customers.

Our quality policies are as follows:


Aggressive work and continuous improvement are to improve company performance.


Become a reliable partner of customers and create a win-win supply chain relationship.


Provide customers with immediate and efficient products and services. 

Environmental Policy


Adapting to environmental needs.


Reserving resources.


Improving ourselves.

Environmental protection has been the issue of Argosy concern, so we establish green policies to strictly regulate the production of the process to reduce environmental pollution.


Reduce the use of the hazardous substance

The regulations of the production equipment, parts, and hazardous substances contained in products are meet EU ROHS requirements.


In compliance with ISO 14001 production standards

As ISO14001 to our production guidelines, we assess the direct or indirect impacts of production on the environment.


Comply with the 3R principle

In terms of packaging materials, we comply with Reuse and Recycle to select the packaging material to reduce the waste of natural resources. In addition, Argosy is being proactive about development and application of energy-saving technologies and implements in our product production.


Lead-free manufacturing process

Given the disposal of scrap lead ended up in landfills, the manufacturing process of Argosy is lead-free. And, we insist on strict lead content to reduce the impact on the environment.


Argosy will continue efforts to improve our environmental policy, and we will develop more environmental products. In order to achieve the environmental sustainability goal, we will provide a better quality of life.